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Project Management

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Task Management

Task management is a simple, intuitive process. It is the best way to track progress and manage your workflow.
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Time tracking

Teamaimed’s platform allows companies to track their employees time in a systematic way.
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Files System

Teamaimed provides the files system to manage the files of the project in one place.
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Teamaimed provides you the built-in Invoices under the project management option itself.
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Time logs

Teamaimed comes with the time logs option, to make logging more accessible and easier to see.
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Gantt Charts

The Gantt chart is perfect for communicating high-level plans and status updates to executives and to everyone you want to share.
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Discussion System

Teamaimed provides a discussion system for team members to discuss the project and its details.
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Notes are so handy feature, this provides to write the notes related to the project to make it handier.
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Contracts System

Teamaimed comes with a built-in contracts system to manage the contracts too.

Employee Management

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Employee List

Managing your employees list is never easy, dont worry we at teamaimed got your back.
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Department System

Manage your employees department-wise to make things sorted and more easily accessible.
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Teamaimed comes with a designation system that helps them to assign the custom roles according to their designation.
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Attendance System

Teamaimed provides a powerful attendance management dashboard to keep the tracking of the attendances of the employee.
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Leaves Management

A self-service teamaimed platform for employees can be used for applying for leave, and there itself managers can grant or refuse leave applications.
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Employee document storing system

Manage your employees document under one roof within the platform to make more accessible.

Finance Management

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Invoice & Estimates Generation

Teamaimed provides you the built-in Invoices and estimate maker with calm.
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Recurring Invoices

Creating Recurring Invoices can be made and access to give the company full power over their income.
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Recurring Estimates

Teamaimed provides the option of recurring estimates to make your workload easy.
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Expense Tracking

Teamaimed expense management allows you to easily track your expense of products, costs, many more all under one roof.
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Income Tracking

Teamaimed income management allows you to easily track your income of products, costs, many more all under one roof.

Leads Management

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Lead Form

Automate your lead generation with LeadForm. We have built the easiest and fastest way to capture leads from your website or blog visitors.
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Lead Board

Teamaimed helps you to track your leads visually. You can see the current status of your leads.
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Lead Agent

Lead agent is a crucial part of the lead and we provide you with our platform, so you can assign lead agent and others easily.
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Lead Source

The platform helps them to identify the source of lead and manage the leads accordingly. It will help in creating workability in lead management process.
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Follow-Up Details

FollowUp Details is a feature from TeamAimed, which allows agents to add their follow-up details with lead. This helps you to follow up with the leads in time.
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Whether you are a sales team or a business owner, Lead Status is the only platform you need to keep yourself updated about any lead from the company.


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Invoices & Estimates

With teamaimed, you can add your company logo on the interface of invoices or estimates without any design knowledge.
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Theme Customisation

Teamaimed allows you to brand your team dashboard by giving them access to customize the colors of your company dashboard.
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Currency is a new feature added by teamaimed which you can choose the currency from many different available currencies for your company and clients.
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Week Start Date

Teamaimed provides the Week Start Date feature that helps companies to customize the default start date of a week.
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Custom Roles & Permission

Your employees are crucial to your business. Their roles and permissions must be flexible according to their destination and department.


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Task Reports

TaskReports is a simple and easy-to-use tool for creating task reports in team environments. With its intuitive UI, you can create task reports within minutes.
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Time logs Report

This time logs report will give you detailed information about your employees in the organization regarding their working hours.
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Ticket Reports

With the help of teamaimed ticket reports, you can manage your ticket more easy way. You can view all tickets at one place with their status.
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Finance Reports

In teamaimed the finance report section allows you to generate the finance report to know more about your expenses and incomes.
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Attendance Reports

You can quickly generate the attendance report for any given team. If you have multiple teams, you can choose to generate the report for a particular team or all at once.
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Leave Reports

Leave Reports in teamaimed is easy to use, quick, and efficient way to generate leave reports that make it easier for you to handle the process.

Customer Management

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Client Portal

Our Client Portal provides a separate built-in portal for every client to see the progress of the project. This ensures that the client is always aware of what stage their project is in and helps them feel involved.
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Client Details

Teamaimed is a platform that gives you all the information of your client. It is very useful for project managers and other business people.


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Event System

Event System gives complete control over the events. It also allows you to plan the meetings and other events within your company.
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Ticketing System

The teamaimed ticketing system is one of its kind, which helps the admin to manage the tickets and assign them according to their priority.
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Product & Services Management

Teamaimed is India leading Product & Services Management company. We help our clients to organize a product and services portfolio for their business.
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Online Storage

We provide Free Online Storage. You and your team members can collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and many more.
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Sticky Notes

Teamaimed sticky notes allow you to stick a note to a particular page in the platform. This is very useful for leaving reminders, making comments, or generally sharing information within your team about any specific page.
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Live Chatting

Live chatting is a great way to develop a connection with your employees. Its also an effective way to provide information and resolve issues .
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Notice Board

Teamaimed Notice Board is a simple, powerful, and easy-to-use tool that lets you post notices.


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